Social Media

Whether you choose to report your social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Foursquare, Pinterest, Stumblupon, Instagram or any other site, AAM needs all reported URLs for each channel. Each platform has specific reporting metrics and AAM will test each of these. Here is an overview of the AAM process for auditing social media platforms.

Phase 1 – Review CMR metrics

The AAM auditor will review the initial draft report you submit and confirm that the social media metrics and platforms match the details of the original audit quote.

Once you have worked with your AAM Client Solutions manager to identify and finalize the social media components to be included in your Consolidated Media Report, you will be asked to submit a draft of your initial CMR document. The auditor will review the initial CMR draft and compare it to the initial quote. Your Client Solutions manager will provide an additional quote for any new items not included in your initial CMR submission.

Phase 2 – Audit Requests

Once AAM has received your CMR draft, the auditor will make initial requests for audit documentation.

The auditor will request information about each social media channel to be reported, including:

  1. Names of main and auxiliary social media platform pages
  2. Corresponding URLs for each platform
  3. Number of followers/likes/fans on a specified date (within the audit period)
  4. Period to be audited (as of xx/xx/xx date)

Phase 3 – Requests to Fulfill

After the audit period has closed, you will be asked to transfer appropriate files to a secure FTP site.

At the close of the audit period, please provide all file requests to begin audit testing.

Phase 4 – Conducting the Audit

The auditor will process and review all material and claims during the audit.

Once AAM receives all necessary files and documentation for your social media platforms, your auditor will begin the audit. AAM will process all URLs and compare them to the original claims. This detail will most likely be one of the last components tested so that the most current data can be included on the CMR.

Phase 5 – Finalize Audit Results

AAM’s tech review team will review all audit material, build a proof of the CMR and send it to you for review and approval.

AAM’s tech review team assembles all components of the newsletter metrics into one final proof CMR document. This proof will be sent out to the contact at your organization.

Please note that if there is a material audit adjustment of 5 percent or more compared to the original claims submitted, your auditor will contact you to discuss what has been filtered from your log files and the differences between your claims and AAM’s audit. You may decide whether you still want to include the audited figures in the CMR. If not, all audit charges to date will still apply without refund.