Audit Checklists and Data Descriptions

The audit checklists are intended to help you organize and track the audit data and documentation you need to prepare and submit for an AAM audit. It is also a key communication tool for you and your AAM auditors once the audit begins.

Each page identifies the priority information and data that AAM needs to receive in order to maintain efficiency in completing the audit. The priorities are as follows:

  • Essential
    This is the data and documents that the auditor must have in order for AAM to begin your audit. Therefore, these items should be your foremost priority and be submitted first—as soon as they are complete and available.
  • Secondary
    This is the data and documents that the auditor needs to complete your audit. The essential items should be your first priority. Once the essential items are submitted to AAM, you should make every effort to submit the secondary items as soon as they are complete and available.
  • As requested by the auditor
    This is additional information you may have to provide to the auditor during the course of the audit. Based on the circulation reported by your publication, the auditor may identify specific test periods or request supporting documentation to substantiate specific categories of your circulation.

You may not be familiar with all the data or documents listed on this audit checklist or you may use different terminology to refer to some of these items. Therefore, we have provided detailed descriptions and explanations for each item identified in this list. Please refer to the data descriptions for the items listed in the checklist.

Although the list is standard, unique situations may arise during the course of the audit that require the auditor to request additional information from either you, an agent or distributor you may use.



For the Qualitative Insert Verification Audit:

Newspapers will need to complete the publisher’s statement of insert practices and procedures.

For the Coupon Distribution Verification Services:

Newspapers will need to complete the publisher's statement of coupon practices and procedures.