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U.S. newspapers are now committed to reporting monthly cross-media metrics and quarterly circulation data to AAM, satisfying advertiser desire for more credible and frequent data for newspaper brands. Check out the newspaper brand reporting resources section for video tutorials, FAQs, detailed filing guides and more. 




From explanations and updates about our bylaws and rules to detailed guides to understand reports, AAM provides a host of support materials for our members. Contact the appropriate department to help with your questions.

Client Solutions | Program evaluation approval, rule interpretations

Newspaper and Periodical Audit Managers | Audit Inquiries

Tech Review | Online filing questions, filing extensions

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AAM's New York Office is Moving


We are moving to a new New York office on Friday, July 24.

Our new address is:
28 West 44th Street, Suite 1011
New York, NY 10036

You can still reach the office at 212-867-8992, but to reach our New York team at their direct lines, please use:

  •          George Bartman: 212-271-0710
  •          Chris Carter: 212-271-0715
  •          Andrea Levy: 212-271-0717
  •          Danielle O’Connell: 212-271-0713

Thanks for your patience during the switch, and we hope to see you at the new place soon.