Print and digital media companies join the Alliance for Audited Media because they know advertisers want to invest in media based on credible, verified data. AAM is widely recognized as the gold standard of audited, verified, accurate audience information, and data from AAM helps publishers communicate with their advertisers.


AAM membership brings a number of advantages to print and digital media companies.

Innovative reporting options allow publishers to incorporate a range of data—from print audits to app traffic—on Consolidated Media Reports and in the Media Intelligence Center.

Visibility to myriad advertisers and ad agencies that access the Media Intelligence Center regularly.

Ability to share issues and input via industry committees and board director elections.

Stay up to date with resources about the latest in cross-media measurement and auditing.

Becoming a Member

All new AAM publisher members must first undergo an initial audit to verify that you have the correct files and record-keeping practices to successfully complete an AAM audit. Then, companies begin filing statements that contain claimed circulation figures twice a year. An annual audit of those claims is compiled as an audit report that reconciles any differences between statement claims and audited numbers.

Publicizing Your Membership

Show the industry that you stand for trustworthy data as a member of AAM. After the release of your initial audit report, you may use the AAM logo. and the phrase "Member of Alliance for Audited Media.” More about publicizing your membership.


To begin the membership process, you will need to submit an application, initial audit deposit and a recent issue of your publication. More specifics are available on the newspaper, magazine and business publication pages. For information about AAM’s digital media services, please visit Digital Services.