The Media Intelligence Center

Get an edge with AAM’s Media Intelligence Center, the industry’s source for trusted cross-media data.

As an AAM client, you have access to an array of verified readership, circulation, subscriber demographics, and digital activity metrics for more than 2,800 of North America’s leading publishers via the Media Intelligence Center's deep database. With more than 5,000 active registered users and counting, 1,400 top media buyers regularly access the dynamic database to find and create custom reports to get the data they need to make informed decisions and transact with added trust and confidence.

The Media Intelligence Center houses a range of searchable data and analysis tools to use for media planning, buying, market comparisons, post buys and more. With access to the Media Intelligence Center, you can:

  • Research publications and verify claims
  • Monitor competition
  • Build media plans, presentations and proposals
  • Conduct market analyses
  • Define market penetration

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AAM All Access

AAM All Access opens the Media Intelligence Center and its full offerings ─ including AAM’s Analyzer tools and other report products ─ to all AAM clients at no additional cost. Learn more about this initiative.


REports and Tools

AAM offers a suite of additional analysis tools to zero in on exactly the data you need, from newspaper ZIP code penetration to issue-by-issue magazine sales to digital editions. Browse the catalog.



The Media Intelligence Center resources section is designed to assist you with all things database-related, helping you find the data you need to create custom reports. 



AAM’s Client Solutions team is hosting a series of webinar training sessions to help all types of database users ─ publishers and buyers, new users and power users ─ become more familiar with the Media Intelligence Center and its capabilities.


Gain visibility, access accountability

Never logged into the Media Intelligence Center? Find out how to be part of the more than 5,000 registered users that regularly rely on AAM data for their media analyses and comparisons. For questions about products, data, training requests, or any other database-related questions, contact an AAM representative.