Introducing AAM All AccessTrustworthy data is an essential foundation in advertising. AAM audits ensure this. We provide credibility for publishers and comparability and trust for advertisers and ad agencies.

The value of AAM’s role is evident in how this audited data is used on a daily basis:

  • Nearly 250,000 newspaper and magazine publisher’s statements and audit reports were downloaded in the last year from AAM’s Media Intelligence Center. Nearly half of this activity came from advertisers and their agencies.
  • Consolidated Media Reports—still a new service not yet broadly employed by most publishers—were downloaded close to 4,000 times.
  • Beyond AAM’s own Media Intelligence Center, our audited data is embedded in several other leading industry data sources. For example, thousands of media planners access AAM data via SRDS, and AAM audits are the foundation for readership measurements from Scarborough Research and Gfk MRI.


Where to find AAM data

We provide an array of AAM-audited cross-media metrics as well as verified readership and subscriber demographics supplied by Scarborough Research. Our data is fielded through a variety of distribution channels ―most notably in our state-of-the-art database, the Media Intelligence Center.

mic screen grabThe Media Intelligence Center is used by more than 1,400 leading advertisers and ad agencies, thousands of publishers, industry analysts, reporters and many others. Our audited data is also featured and linked within SRDS and CARD and other industry databases, and is a foundational component for readership measurements from Scarborough Research and Gfk MRI.


Begin Your Media Analysis

To access AAM data, log into the Media Intelligence Center to search data and download reports, consult comparison charts and graphs, and query AAM statements and reports. Need a special AAM custom report? We work with a variety of custom requests to get you the data you need.