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North America’s leading media buyers have trusted our newspaper audits for a century. From paid circulation audits to insert verification to website traffic audits, AAM’s innovative services allow newspapers to show potential buyers trusted data about their audiences in their distinct markets. This section highlights some of the newest products, resources and news--just for newspapers.


U.S. newspapers are now committed to reporting monthly cross-media metrics and quarterly circulation data to AAM, satisfying advertiser desire for more credible and frequent data for newspaper brands. Check out the newspaper brand reporting resources section for video tutorials, FAQs, detailed filing guides and more.


The Newspaper Analyzer is a powerful tool for in-depth newspaper analysis in the Media Intelligence Center. By combining AAM’s deep media database with an intuitive business intelligence app, the Analyzer produces instant large-scale analyses and custom reports. Watch the video.  

MIC Resources

The Media Intelligence Center resource area is designed to assist you with all things database-related, helping you find the data you need to create custom reports. See more in Resources.


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Find out why 27 nonpaid newspapers owned by the largest newspaper company in Canada joined AAM. Read the case study.

One to One with AAM Digital Leaders

Read how these industry titans face the challenges of digital media head on and turn them into opportunities.