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When planning and investing in today's cross-media environment, media buyers need the certainty that comes from the gold standard in audited media data. Today’s leading advertisers and ad agencies make decisions based on credible, comparable AAM data they know they can trust. Browse the latest products, resources and news for media buyers.

U.S. newspapers are now filing circulation, ZIP code and digital data four times a year. Because this is a new initiative, we put together a list of FAQs for advertisers and ad agencies that might be working with this new data for the first time. See more in Resources.


MIC Tutorial Series

To help Media Intelligence Center users navigate its myriad functions, we’re starting a new tutorial series, “Inside the Media Intelligence Center.” Stay tuned to our video series to learn more about this state-of-the-art database. See more in Services.

MIC Resources

The Media Intelligence Center resource area is designed to assist you with all things database-related, helping you find the data you need to create custom reports. See more in Resources.



The new enhanced, expanded Periodical and Newspaper Analyzers are powerful tools for media planning and in-depth analysis in the Media Intelligence Center. By combining AAM’s deep media database with an intuitive business intelligence app, the Analyzers produce instant large-scale analyses and custom reports. Watch the video. 

One to One with AAM Digital Leaders

Read how these industry titans face the challenges of digital media head on and turn them into opportunities.