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AAM provides cross-media solutions that empower media buyers, publishers and ad tech vendors to transact with greater trust and confidence. We have a broad spectrum of digital media audit services that can help you address important areas like online advertising fraud, fraudulent and nonhuman traffic, ad viewability, IAB certifications, cross-media measurement and much more. Browse this section for the latest digital media services, resources and news.

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AAM has combined with ImServices, one of the world’s leading digital media auditors, to focus on some of the key challenges facing today’s online advertising industry. Learn more.

Meeting the Challenges of Digital Advertising: Viewability, Fraudulent and Invalid Traffic, and Brand Safety

Four white papers go behind-the-scenes to take an in depth look at viewability, fraudulent and invalid traffic, and brand safety and transparency from the perspective of a digital auditor. Read the white papers.


Media assurance begins with knowing as much as possible about your interactive media partners and their business practices. We've created a checklist to help you begin a conversation with your vendors to evaluate whether they have a framework in place to provide transparency between buyers and sellers. View the checklist.

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To ensure the Brand Exchange was operating in an accurate, reliable, transparent, and consistent manner, Centro partnered with ImServices Group—an Alliance for Audited Media Company—as its third-party auditor. From the initial customer RFP/IO process to the final metrics reported, ImServices certified both the Brand Exchange operations process as well as confirmed that IAB guidelines and standards were being met. Read the case study.

One to One with AAM Digital Leaders

Read how these industry titans face the challenges of digital media head on and turn them into opportunities.