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To help you meet the demand for digital accountability in the new age of media, AAM offers a suite of digital audit services and resources for publishers and the vendors that help deliver publishers’ digital content. AAM provides accountable, transparent and independent verification for digital publishers and advertisers. Browse this section for the latest digital products, resources and news.

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AAM has combined with ImServices, one of the world’s leading digital auditors, to focus on some of the key challenges facing today’s interactive advertising industry. These include unseen ads, illegitimate clicks, fraudulent traffic, cross-media measurement – and increasing advertiser demand for independent verification and oversight. Learn more.


AAM recently conducted two research projects—a digital publishing survey and a series of one-on-one interviews with 20 senior executives at media companies in the U.S. and Canada. AAM explores the findings from this research and the challenges and opportunities media companies are facing in today’s digital landscape in this whitepaper series. Read Digital Insights.



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AAM and ImServices have combined to offer Certified View, a comprehensive suite of viewability solutions to help technology companies respond to the rising call for trust and transparency.

Certified View is designed to independently certify that you meet the new viewable ad impression standards set by the MRC and IAB. Select from a mix of services to suit your unique business objectives and respond to competitive demands for compliance with the industry's new standards for interactive measurement and accountability. Learn more about Certified View.

The IAB owns an up-to-date list of the latest spiders and robots in the online advertising industry. The Spiders & Bots list is managed and maintained by AAM’s interactive auditing partner ImServices and is overseen by the IAB’s Spider & Robot Policy Board. The master list is updated monthly and is available to AAM/ImServices clients and IAB members. Visit the IAB website for more information.

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