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AAM provides cross-media solutions that empower media buyers, publishers and ad tech vendors to transact with greater trust and confidence. We have a broad spectrum of digital media audit services that can help you address important areas like online advertising fraud, fraudulent and nonhuman traffic, ad viewability, IAB certifications, cross-media measurement and much more. Browse this section for the latest digital media services, resources and news.


AAM Site Certifier is a new way to conduct digital audits to help detect invalid traffic and understand ad blocking usage on your site. Learn more.

Ad Tech Audits 

Was that ad clicked by a bot? Did a person really watch that video for a solid minute? Did that programmatic placement make its way through the exchange and onto the right sites?

The next time these questions come up, consider how an independent audit can bring more confidence to the answers. Read the white paper.


AAM Ad Block Gauge helps publishers identify and understand the usage of ad blockers on their websites so they can build more effective publishing strategies. Learn more.


Learn how La Presse+ uses its AAM digital certification to foster trust with advertisers who are increasingly frustrated with bad behavior in the digital marketplace. Read the case study.

One to One with AAM Digital Leaders

Read how these industry titans face the challenges of digital media head on and turn them into opportunities.