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AAM offers a range of audit services for business publications to show advertisers their reach in target markets. Data from all B2B audits are compiled into AAM’s Media Intelligence Center to make your publication visible to advertisers and ad agencies across North America. This section offers some of the latest services, resources and news -- just for business publications.


Whether it's nonpaid circulation, pass-along receivership, app metrics or website traffic, as long as its part of your brand and is AAM audited, it can be on the CMR. See more in Services.


The Media Intelligence Center resource area is designed to assist you with all things database-related, helping you find the data you need to create custom reports. See more in Data.


AAM All Access is a comprehensive program that provides AAM clients more services, greater value, and complete access to the Media Intelligence Center. See more in Data.

Pass-along receivership studies verify research to determine "total projected audience," a commonly used industry metric that describes the number of qualified subscribers plus the additional people to whom a business publication is routed. See more in Services.

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