About AAM

Providing Media Assurance and Digital Compliance

View AAM's 2015 annual report.The Alliance for Audited Media is a nonprofit, member-based organization that empowers media companies to transact with greater trust and confidence. Led by North America’s leading advertisers, advertising agencies, advertising technology providers and content providers, AAM is committed to providing independently verified data and information critical to evaluating and purchasing media.

Who We Are

Our unique membership defines us and differentiates us from other organizations and advocacy groups because each division has a stake in the organization.

  • Publishers present a verified look at their media brands and distribution channels.
  • Ad tech firms demonstrate a commitment to transparency and adherence to industry guidelines set by the IAB and MRC for measurement and quality standards.  
  • Advertising agencies plan media decisions with credible, comparable AAM data.
  • Advertisers gain confidence that their marketing budgets are invested in the right channels and outlets.

Our clients include the majority of North America’s top publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies. Each constituency is represented on the AAM board of directors and together, AAM clients, the board, committees and staff play a critical role in the media ecosystem.

What We Do

AAM provides essential cross-media verification, digital consulting and information services for North America's leading media brands, advertisers, ad agencies and technology platform companies. We are governed by a board of directors comprised of top leaders in the industry who, together with our extensive network of committees and partners, set the standards by which media are measured and reported. Our staff upholds the standards of the board by conducting rigorous audits of publishers and ad tech vendors, impartially delivering the results of those audits to the marketplace through our online database the Media Intelligence Center.

How We Provide Media Assurance

AAM provides credibility to media sellers, confidence to media buyers and validation to ad tech providers. Audited media is different than measured media. Auditing is verification. It is an impartial, in-depth examination of records, processes and systems that ultimately grants buyers the utmost confidence in their investments. The rigor and thoroughness of an AAM audit is what sets us apart from simple media measurement.

Why We Help the Industry Transact with Trust

With the explosion of digital media platforms and the emergence of interactive ad fraud, buyers are seeking a solution to a chaotic marketplace and demanding credible, cross-media metrics. Founded in 1914 as the Audit Bureau of Circulations to bring trust and transparency to the print media market, in 2012 we rebranded ourselves the Alliance for Audited Media to reflect the new print and digital media environment. While our name changed, our reason for existence did not.

Today, we provide media verification services, accountable solutions and transparent data to the cross-media market to help meet the complex needs of advertisers, publishers and ad tech firms.

Third-party verification and transparency never go out of style and that’s why we do what we do. Think of it as accountability for the new age of media.

With our deep commitment to credible media information, AAM is pleased to be a current and founding member of the IFABC.